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Tips About the Importance of Gettng Rental Car Insurance in IL

We are given the option of rental car insurance every time we rent a car. But the question is do we really need rental car insurance in IL? Most people buy rental car insurance so that they can be covered but most of the time this is just an unwanted expense which can easily be avoided without any problems. Before buying this insurance it is advisable to weigh all your options.

The first thing that you should do before renting any car is to contact your insurance advisor. You need to check with your advisor if you are covered while renting a car for pleasure. In most of the cases you should be covered but check with your agent for any terms and conditions. Some insurance companies impose limits on insurance coverage even for rental cars so it is advisable to ask your agent first.

Nowadays most credit card companies offer free rental car insurance as part of their credit program. You might want to check with the insurer and your credit card what is included and what is excluded as part of this. Different credit cards have different schemes so it is not necessary that what one card covers another will also do the same thing.  Most credit card companies don’t provide coverage for vehicles rented outside the United States so you need to keep that fact also in mind.

If you are employed with any company check if the company has any travel policy and if travel insurance is included in this policy. Some companies do provide this as a benefit to their employees. You can check with the travel desk in your company about travel insurance and whether you would need to purchase additional travel insurance. Also check what is covered and what is excluded in your company’s travel insurance policy.

To summarize rental car insurance can be covered in many ways through things that you already might be paying for like credit card, company travel insurance, etc. If you feel that your existing insurance cover is adequate and it includes rental car insurance then you do not have to buy additional rental car insurance. However if you really aren’t sure and want peace of mind then you should buy rental car insurance. Many insurance companies have exclusions so it will be better if you look at the exclusions before buying rental car insurance. The best option would be to do your homework properly and take the best decision as per the situation.

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