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The Secret in Getting Good Student Discount for Car Insurance in IL

Not all students can qualify for car insurance discount in IL. There are certain criteria that the student needs to meet before applying for a student discount.

•             The first criterion that a student should meet to qualify for a student discount is age limitation. There is a limit on minimum and maximum age for this discount. The student should not be more than 24 years and less than 16 years to avail this discount.

•             This discount is not available to part timers or students opting for correspondence courses or distance education. The student discount for car insurance in IL is applicable to only full time school and college students.

•             Academics have a fair amount of weightage while deciding the student discount. The minimum grade that a student needs for this discount is B or a 3.0 GPA or the student is on the Dean’s list of Honor roll.

Different insurance providers have different parameters so there could be variations in the above criteria. It is better to check with your carrier before applying for a student discount.

The student has to prove that he is a good student to avail this discount. Most insurance companies accept the report card or a letter from the school as a legal proof of the applicant being a good student. One thing to be borne in mind here is that if a student gets a student discount it is valid only for that academic year. There is no automatic rollover of the discount to the subsequent years. Every year the student has to provide new proof to be eligible for the discount. Otherwise the insurance provider will discontinue the discount.

Students who work during their holidays to earn some additional income have few resources to depend upon. Most will seek insurance cover under their parents’ car insurance plan. In case you want to enroll your child under a separate insurance policy you can inquire about student discount with your carrier. It is possible that not all carriers would have this discount so you would need to shop around before you find someone who meets your expectations.

From the students’ perspective all they need to do is maintain a good academic record and a decent driving record to ensure that they qualify for the good student discount. It is a good way of saving some money on the insurance premiums and if the students are themselves paying the premium then it is vital that they can save as much as they can.

Not all carriers offer student discount on auto insurance in IL. It is advisable to do a thorough research before selecting any carrier. You can search online for insurance companies who offer this discount.

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