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The Conviction and Consequences of DUI charges in Illinois

In Illinois the laws and penalties for DUI arrests change each year with increases the fines, counseling, punishments and court costs. When convicted the lawyer must be ensured about the client’s sentence. If a police officer pulls you for suspension of your driving license for driving under the influence of alcohol or for driving while intoxicated with drugs, you may be arrested on your blood alcohol content. The legal limit is 0.08 and if your BAC is 0.08 or more you will be arrested with DUI charges in Illinois. In this state you may be arêtes even if you are not driving but sitting in the driver’s seat even if your car is parked.

The charges may increase to a felony and more punishments if any person is injured by your driving. The officer will provide the driver with a 45-day license which will be temporary at the time of arrest. After 45 days of the arrest there will be a three month suspension. An attorney can help you receive a judicial driving permit from the court that will allow you to drive for work and for required educational programs that you must attend due to the arrest.

In Illinois State, an arrest will result in suspension of driving license and also your auto insurance. If you are not dropped completely by your insurance company, then there will be a huge increase in rates. Before you get your driving permit or license back you will have to provide proof of insurance which is quite difficult to be approved by your insurance company after the arrest for DUI charges in Illinois. In the past decade, there have been a number of the DUI laws that are passed and the legal age for drinking is now 21 years in all the states.

Underage drinking has accounted a number of accidents and deaths so many states are adding felony charges and many years of jail for the offenders. This will intern affect on saving money on car insurance and may lead to your license suspension. Across the nation DWI and DUI laws are becoming stricter and is enforced with diligence.

If a violation of the DUI causes death of another person then there will be a class 2 felony, minimum probation of 3 to 14 years for one death and 6 to 28 years  for more than one death. If you are convicted of charges of DUI or DWI you need SR22 car insurance for a period of time during which your premium rates can be higher. DUI insurance will not be cheap. To get affordable auto insurance quotes enter the zip code above.