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Possible Effects of a DUI in Your Auto Insurance in Illinois

With DUI, you can still find auto insurance and take the necessary measurements to get the DUI off of your record. On your driving record, the duration of the DUI violation stays for some depending on the state where you live. It can be from a couple of years to a lifetime. Example, in New Hampshire, the DWI offense will be on your record for up to 10 years whereas in California it is for 7 years. The increase in your Illinois auto insurance premium will be started at the time your next renewal when the insurance company will be checking your driving record before renewing your insurance.

The duration in which you will have an increase in your car insurance premium in Illinois will also depend on your state laws or the guidelines followed by your insurance company. It may be from three to seven years or till the violation is listed on your driving record. Once the violation is removed the rates will automatically come down. The rates can differ for each state and may also depend on insurance companies. When you are convicted of DUI you will be added to high risk driver category.

Based on the insurance company rating policies the premiums may be increased by 20% to 50%. But there is still hope while the majority of the insurance companies increase the rates after a DUI offense there are some insurance companies which will still provide full coverage. You need to find the right insurance that specifically deals with DUI violations and will offer decent rates even with violations on your driving record. SR-22 auto insurance in Illinois is required for a drunk driving and alcohol related conviction for 3 years and can sometimes be very expensive with a wrong provider. SR22 insurance will not be filled by some companies. Once you find an auto insurance that covers DUI conviction, just be sure not to charged for another DUI conviction as such insurance companies will drop you for multiple offenses.

The minimum liability insurance requirement that is mandatory in Illinois State for private vehicles is 20/40/15 which means 20,000 dollars for bodily injuries to a person, 40,000 dollars for 2 or more persons in a single accident and 15,000 dollars for property damage coverage. The BIL that is the bodily injury liability coverage will be paying for serious injuries or death to other people caused by the insured during the crash. Illinois car insurance company will pay as per the limits on the insurance policy. The property damage liability coverage paying for the other people’s property damaged caused due to the crash by the insured person or by his family member.

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