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Steps on How To Transfer Your Current Illinois Auto Insurance Company

Insurance is an agreement between an individual and insurance carrier that you are supposed to make monthly payments to the carrier while the dealer or company will compensate your losses or damages in the event of an accident. The premiums are different for each individual basing on the risk factors that he/ she possesses and the amount of cover or compensation that you will get depends on the policy that you will purchase. The more expensive the policy, the better the cover will be.

Some insurance brokers may lure you to buy quotes from them with their low initial costs but you will be surprised that there are hidden costs that make your premiums sky rocket monthly. You will also be surprised and be disappointed that after years of paying these premiums you won’t be compensated at all or if you are lucky get very little compensation. If you have experienced these situations, here are the steps that you will follow so as to transfer your Illinois auto insurance company.

1. Copy of communication with your previous broker. Make sure that you save and make a copy of the communication between you and your insurance company. You will use this information to convince your new insurance company that you have a good record and you are not of high risk so as to help you get low interest rate and low monthly premium. Make sure that you also include claims filed and accident reports if available. It will also show the reason you are transferring since your new company would like to know why you are transferring from your previous insurance broker.

2. Your driving records. Compile your driving record for the past 5 years. It should include the mileage that you cover annually, driving history, distance to work, tickets, accidents and claims. This information is required by the new Illinois car insurance company to calculate the interest rate and monthly premium that you will be charged.

3. Auto insurance comparison website. Use a very reliable website that will allow you to search and compare car insurance companies around your local area. Compare the different quotes and prices offered by the companies before selecting your new car insurance company.

4. Search for discounts. There are several Illinois auto insurance companies that offer price discounts so as to attract a lot of customers, make sure that you capitalize on this so that you save extra cash.

5. Fill the online application forms. You will have to register to your new insurance company by filling in the online application form. You will be sent a verification link on your email address so as to activate your account with your car insurance company.

6. Notify your former broker that you wish to cancel your policy. This may have a penalty but it is good to do so to prevent the company from demanding monthly payments from you.

A reliable website like this one will help you to compare the insurance policies offered by several auto insurance companies in Illinois to aid you when transferring your insurance policy. Just enter your zip code on top of this website to kick start the process.

Crucial Tips For Filling A Car Insurance Claim In Illinois Which is Best For You

A comparative negligence law means that more than one driver can be at fault or be accused for causing an accident. The law uses a percentage basis, you can be ruled to be 60% cause while the other driver ruled 40% cause of the accident. Remember that each of the drivers have insurance, this law simply tries to determine or calculate the amount of compensation that will be made by each drivers insurance policy. Normally, it takes a maximum of 21 days for the auto insurance companies to discuss the accidents details and come up with a comprehensive compensation plan. The following is a guide for filing auto insurance claim in Illinois.

  • Ensure that you and the other driver involved in the accident have insurance policies and proof of insurance. It is illegal for a driver in Illinois to drive a car without proof of insurance and this will lead to harsh penalties like suspension of driver’s license and revocation of registration. After that, exchange insurance details with the other driver so that you can know which company will compensate you.
  • Call the police. Even though they may not respond as quickly as you would wish them to but it is advisable to call for their assistance to help in accessing the accident scene and determine which driver was at fault or who faulted the traffic rules.
  • Call your insurance company in Illinois to the scene of accident. Do not wait after a day. It is recommended that they also view the accident, the police report and any other necessary documentation that can support your claim.
  • Mail the police report with an accident statement that you will have recorded with the police detailing what happened in the accident. It is stated that the insurance company should take up to 21 days to respond to your claim but depending on the timing and complexity of the case it may take less days.
  • Mail the same information to the insurance company of the other driver to facilitate the claim process and damage assessment. At this point it is necessary to follow the instruction of your Illinois auto insurance company on what you should do and being keen on the whole process.

Having a good driving record will help support your claim as you will seem to be a very careful driver that obeys all the traffic rules. Make sure that you maintain a clean traffic record so as to support your claim but the most important thing is to be aware and avoid accidents at all means.

There are several insurance companies in your local area that enable you to file your claims and you will be compensated as soon as possible. All you need to do is to be aware of them and compare their Illinois auto insurance quotes so that you can choose the one that suits you. By entering your zip code on top of this website you will be able to do so.

Best Ways in Finding The Best Car Insurance Quote In Illinois

Illinois is a very strict state and there are very harsh laws governing the insurance of motor vehicles. As a registered car owner, you must have an insurance policy and you must carry a proof of the insurance whenever you are driving your car. This state also forbids uninsured personnel from driving your vehicle. Failure to comply with these rules may lead to suspension or revocation of your driver’s license or your car’s registration. There are various kinds of auto insurance in Illinois but the most common are the mandatory liability cover and the uninsured motorist coverage. This article will provide you with the tips of finding the best auto insurance in Illinois.

Outline the coverage that you will need

This will enable you to only identify your need but also to draw your budget. Sometimes, people waste a lot of money simply because they have purchased an insurance quote that provides more cover that what they need. Keep in mind that more cover is expensive. Remember to choose a quote that is in your means and one that will be easy to manage.

Search for companies

With the advent of information technology, it has become easier to search for auto insurance companies in a vast geographical region. With the use of the internet, you will search and access the websites of all the auto insurance companies in Illinois. All you need is a computer and reliable internet connection. This will save you a lot of time, energy and resources as compared to physically searching and locating vehicle insurance companies in this state.


You can easily compare the different policies and prices offered by different companies online by simply flipping the web pages of these companies. You won’t have to move from one street to another requesting for this information; these web pages operate just like the physical premises. The good thing is that most of the online car insurance companies offer a reliable and 24 hour customer support service whereby you can make your queries.

Choose your most suitable company

After getting the different companies and shopping, you need to select the most suitable company that will provide the best Illinois automobile insurance quote. A quote that will not just save you extra cash since it is the cheapest but will also provide the most appropriate cover and compensation. Make sure that the quote will cover for your health, your passengers’ health, other pedestrians and your vehicle’s damage.

Sometimes, it’s the simple things that you do like entering your zip code on the top of this page that will help you get the best car insurance quote. Entering your zip code will enable you to get Illinois auto insurance quotes information easily and fast plus the information is very reliable.

Different Types Of Coverage Available For Car Insurance In Illinois

Anything can happen to your car and the money required to repair or even replace the car is a lot. Thus, it is always better to have auto insurance no matter how expensive you think it might be. In the long run, the insurance always turns out to be cheaper as compared to the expense of maintaining the car. Uninsured motorist property damage is a compulsory feature for car insurance in Illinois. It insures the person whose vehicle has been damaged by a person who is not insured.

There are different features available which you can add to your car insurance policy. Some features can be added. One such feature is comprehensive coverage. It pays for many things such as if the car is stolen, its glass breaks or if it is damaged by something other than collision. Another feature is collision coverage which pays for all the damage occurred due to collision. The only catch in this feature is that it cannot be added without comprehensive coverage.

Customized equipment coverage is also an additional feature available in car insurance in Illinois. It protects equipment which was not originally in the car but has now been permanently fixed to it. Things like air conditioners and music systems which don’t come with the car and have to be attached separately. This insurance comes in use when these items are either stolen or damaged and need to be replaced. Emergency road service coverage is useful in times of emergencies. Suppose you car breaks down or the car tires are punctured and the car needs to be towed, this is when this feature comes in handy. However, this feature can’t be used unless you also have collision coverage. Another feature is the lease coverage which is extremely good. It is used if your car has been rented out and then gets damaged or is stolen. In this case, the owner can get almost the entire market value of the car.

Like these, there are many features that are there for the benefits of the people. These features make sure that no loss is suffered by the owners in case something happens to the cars. Accidents are extremely common and cases of car theft are going up every year. It is best to have your car insured to make sure that no financial difficulties later affect you. The maintenance of cars is expensive business especially if it breaks down. There are different features available at affordable prices to suit your needs. The auto insurance in Illinois works to give people what they want and need most.

If you want to add new features to your auto insurance policy in Illinois and want to find what it will cost you, you must do something very simple. Just enter your zip code in the tab above and get your answer easily.