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Insider Tips About Drunk Driving, DWI And DUI Laws In Illinois

Each state deals in a different way for DUI and DWI convictions. In some state, the person facing DUI charges will have lesser penalties when compared to a person facing a DWI. The level of intoxication is calculated by a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) test while arresting. With the help of a legal representation,  the charges can be reduced from DWI to DUI but some criteria must be met. This includes that the conviction or the arrest is made for the first offense, the mistake must be acknowledged and the level of intoxication must not be too high.

AutoInsuranceInIllinoisIn many states, the DUI and DWI charges are established by the level of alcohol in the blood by 0.08%. If the level is 0.07% then the charges can be reduced from DWI to DUI which will lesser the punishment depending on the court case. But Illinois State has a zero tolerance policy and this does not differentiate between DWI and DUI in Illinois. So you must think twice before handling the wheels after intoxication. Any blood alcohol level greater than the specific limits is considered as a crime and will have the same punishment.

The minimum illegal level of blood alcohol intoxication is 0.08% in most of the states in the US. The DWI and DUI laws are changing constantly and the differentiation is diminishing. It is very important to understand DUI laws in Illinois that are imposed by your state through an experienced lawyer specialized in this field. When convicted of DUI charges you must contact your attorney as soon as possible for legal process, speedy recovery and to get back your driving privileges. The difference between DUI and DWI is applicable only in states that distinguish between driving in the influence of alcohol and driving while intoxicated with illegal substances like drugs and sets harsh punishments for driving or operating while while intoxicated.

In some place like Colorado, instead of DWI it is DWAI which is driving while ability impaired and here the DUI is much more severe offense and has harsher punishments. In some states the distinction is made to separate lesser offenses from some serious ones which will have very severe financial consequences. Irrespective of DUI charges in Illinois  or DWI charges, you must remember that criminal code of all American states have very harsh punishments for driving in  the influence of alcohol or driving while intoxicated by drugs for reducing the number of accidents and deaths caused by  the drivers.

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