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Tips for Filing an Auto Insurance Claim and Getting Auto Insurance Quotes in Illinois

People are confused about filing for insurance claims. They don’t know when to file and when not to file for claims. Given below are few tips which if followed correctly will save you a lot of trouble later. If you are involved in an accident, irrespective of whoever’s fault it was, the first thing that you should decide is whether you would like to file a claim. Here you can follow the thumb rule which is if the damages are more than your deductible then you can file for a claim. Else do not file a claim. Every time you file a claim, irrespective of whose fault it is, it goes in your driving record.

In case you are involved in an accident, try to click pictures of your damaged vehicle with your camera cell phone.  The reason for taking pictures after an accident is because these can be used as evidence if required to prove your case.

AutoInsuranceInIllinoisFile the claim as soon as the accident occurs and do not delay. The sooner you file for claim, the sooner it is likely to be processed by your carrier. If you wait to file the claim, the carrier will correspondingly delay in settling it. The other party’s insurance company might also call you. Although this is very unlikely you need to be prepared for it. Be consistent with your story and provide the same version to your insurance company and the other party’s insurer. Any inconsistency in your versions could go against you. Insurance agents are highly trained in investigation techniques so be as truthful as possible as they have ways to get to the truth. They can appear very friendly and empathize with you but be careful around them.

Always try to help the insurance adjuster in filing a claim as it will help to speed up the claim. By following these steps you can see for yourself that filing a claim need not be a hassle. The trick is to inquire about the claims procedure at the time of getting auto insurance quotes in Illinois. If you know the procedure in advance you will ensure that everything is in place when you file your claim.

The best way to ensure that you do not face any hassles at the time of filing claims is to inquire with your insurance agent about the claims procedure at the time of getting car insurance quotes in Illinois. Most low income people skip this important step which causes a lot of confusion later. Be clear with your insurance provider about your insurance requirements and familiarize yourself with the process of filing claims.

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Tips About the Importance of Gettng Rental Car Insurance in IL

We are given the option of rental car insurance every time we rent a car. But the question is do we really need rental car insurance in IL? Most people buy rental car insurance so that they can be covered but most of the time this is just an unwanted expense which can easily be avoided without any problems. Before buying this insurance it is advisable to weigh all your options.

The first thing that you should do before renting any car is to contact your insurance advisor. You need to check with your advisor if you are covered while renting a car for pleasure. In most of the cases you should be covered but check with your agent for any terms and conditions. Some insurance companies impose limits on insurance coverage even for rental cars so it is advisable to ask your agent first.

Nowadays most credit card companies offer free rental car insurance as part of their credit program. You might want to check with the insurer and your credit card what is included and what is excluded as part of this. Different credit cards have different schemes so it is not necessary that what one card covers another will also do the same thing.  Most credit card companies don’t provide coverage for vehicles rented outside the United States so you need to keep that fact also in mind.

If you are employed with any company check if the company has any travel policy and if travel insurance is included in this policy. Some companies do provide this as a benefit to their employees. You can check with the travel desk in your company about travel insurance and whether you would need to purchase additional travel insurance. Also check what is covered and what is excluded in your company’s travel insurance policy.

To summarize rental car insurance can be covered in many ways through things that you already might be paying for like credit card, company travel insurance, etc. If you feel that your existing insurance cover is adequate and it includes rental car insurance then you do not have to buy additional rental car insurance. However if you really aren’t sure and want peace of mind then you should buy rental car insurance. Many insurance companies have exclusions so it will be better if you look at the exclusions before buying rental car insurance. The best option would be to do your homework properly and take the best decision as per the situation.

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The Secret in Getting Good Student Discount for Car Insurance in IL

Not all students can qualify for car insurance discount in IL. There are certain criteria that the student needs to meet before applying for a student discount.

•             The first criterion that a student should meet to qualify for a student discount is age limitation. There is a limit on minimum and maximum age for this discount. The student should not be more than 24 years and less than 16 years to avail this discount.

•             This discount is not available to part timers or students opting for correspondence courses or distance education. The student discount for car insurance in IL is applicable to only full time school and college students.

•             Academics have a fair amount of weightage while deciding the student discount. The minimum grade that a student needs for this discount is B or a 3.0 GPA or the student is on the Dean’s list of Honor roll.

Different insurance providers have different parameters so there could be variations in the above criteria. It is better to check with your carrier before applying for a student discount.

The student has to prove that he is a good student to avail this discount. Most insurance companies accept the report card or a letter from the school as a legal proof of the applicant being a good student. One thing to be borne in mind here is that if a student gets a student discount it is valid only for that academic year. There is no automatic rollover of the discount to the subsequent years. Every year the student has to provide new proof to be eligible for the discount. Otherwise the insurance provider will discontinue the discount.

Students who work during their holidays to earn some additional income have few resources to depend upon. Most will seek insurance cover under their parents’ car insurance plan. In case you want to enroll your child under a separate insurance policy you can inquire about student discount with your carrier. It is possible that not all carriers would have this discount so you would need to shop around before you find someone who meets your expectations.

From the students’ perspective all they need to do is maintain a good academic record and a decent driving record to ensure that they qualify for the good student discount. It is a good way of saving some money on the insurance premiums and if the students are themselves paying the premium then it is vital that they can save as much as they can.

Not all carriers offer student discount on auto insurance in IL. It is advisable to do a thorough research before selecting any carrier. You can search online for insurance companies who offer this discount.

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How Buying Online Auto Insurance in Illinois Can Benefit Low Income Groups

There are many advantages of buying online auto insurance in Illinois.

•             In the past you would’ve spent hours in calling up insurance agents representing different carriers. You could then compare the plans of different carriers selling auto insurance in Illinois. The internet has cut down the time to minutes as you can get quotes from many companies on one site. This helps in comparing different quotes instantly.

•             The internet has made not only buying an insurance policy simpler but it has also reduced time for other activities like paying the premiums, registering claims, changing policy coverage, etc. Once a quote is provided the user can browse through the policy document and decide what he needs and what he doesn’t. All policy details are available online. So you can access, store and print them as and when you need them.  There is no need to wait for long hours to get these policy documents in mail.

•             Making any changes has become simple with the internet. You can make changes with a simple click of the mouse. These changes can be made anytime anywhere. For example if you want to file an accident claim on your agent’s off day, you can do so on the internet. You simply fill in the details in an online application and can track the progress status of your claim very easily online.

•             There are many websites which are dedicated to consumer rights. These websites publish stories, review and ratings of different insurance companies. You can read the reviews and feedback for different insurance companies before deciding to buy insurance from them. You will get to know how well these insurance companies treat their customers.

•             The internet has created a market where everyone is trying to sell something. This pushes companies to bring affordable products to the general public.

The cost of insurance online is always less and low income groups should definitely take advantage of the discounts. They can compare various insurance plans and choose the one which is most beneficial to them and suits them perfectly. Not only do they get good deals they can compare from various providers which further makes buying insurance cheaper.

With increasing competition, internet reach and insurance awareness amongst the low income groups, these are exciting times to buy car insurance in Illinois online. One can make use of the amazing offers available online. In case you want to know more about car insurance in Illinois you can enter your zip code at the top of this page. You can fill in some minor personal details and you will instantly get quotes from insurance companies. This will not only save you time but also money. You can browse through all available policies and choose the one which is best for you and your family’s auto insurance needs.

Thing to Know About Factors Affecting Premiums of Auto Insurance in Illinois

There are some factors of auto insurance in Illinois which you can change and some you can’t.AutoInsuranceInIllinois

•             Age: Statistics show that young drivers below the age of 25 years are more likely to get involved in road accidents. The age group where you are least likely to get involved in accidents is between 55 years to 65 years. Correspondingly young drivers are considered to be riskier than older drivers. Therefore there is a higher premium for young drivers.

•             Gender: Studies have shown that women drivers are safer than men drivers. Insurance companies bear this fact in mind while deciding the monthly auto insurance premiums.

•             Marital status: Married person is considered less risky by auto insurance companies and therefore the insurance premium for married people is less.

•             Area of residence: People living in rural areas face less traffic compared to those living in urban areas. Also crime in certain areas is higher. Insurance companies demarcate residential areas on the basis of risk and the premium is also set as per the risk levels.

•             Driving record: A person with a good driving record is less likely to be involved in a road accident in the future. Hence the premium will also be less. Some insurance companies also consider accident history and whether the accident was a result of your fault.

•             Type of vehicle: Certain types of vehicles like sports cars are considered to be more risky while certain types like sedans are considered to be less risky by insurance companies. Riskier cars attract higher insurance premiums.

•             Driving practices: The distance that you drive daily, the purpose of use of your car, the number of people using the car and the number of people covered under the insurance policy, all these factors determines the car insurance policy premium.

While there are other factors also like job stability, credit score, etc. which influence premiums of auto insurance in Illinois, they are at the discretion of the insurance company and the insurance company could choose to ignore these factors.

People who want auto insurance coverage but do not want to pay hefty premiums can look at the factors which are driving higher premiums and see if they can be changed. For example if your area has a high crime rate, you can try to relocate to an area which has a lesser crime rate. Improving credit score is another way to avail cheap auto insurance in Illinois. Most people don’t do adequate research before applying for cheap auto insurance. It is always advisable to inquire about your insurance needs with a couple of insurance providers before finalizing a deal.

This way you can ensure that you get the best insurance deal. For knowing more about cheap insurance and comparing offers from various insurance companies, you can simply enter your zip code at the top of this page.

Finding the Answers to Questions Related to Illinois Auto Insurance Requirements and Their Penalties

According to the state law, when you sign for your vehicle registration application, you must also confirm that your car will be insured and at all times you need to carry the proof of insurance in the vehicle. One of the most frequently asked questions is about the requirements for Illinois auto insurance.  Many states accept bonds and cash instead of liability policy from the drivers.

But in Illinois you have to prove your financial responsibility by liability insurance. The state will not know if you have insurance covered. For this you have to provide your insurance card. If you are involved in an accident or caught for traffic violation you have to produce proof that you’re insured. The secretary of state’s office will check on drivers for an insurance requirement by randomly sending letters for verification of insurance status. If you receive the letter, you have to provide the required documents within 30 days of verification date.

The requirements are that all motor vehicles must be insured. If you are operating a vehicle in the state of Illinois you must have a minimum amount of coverage as specified by the law. The minimum coverage amounts are 15,000 for property damage, $20,000 for death or injuries of a single person and $40,000 for more than a single person. You must get insurance at the time of your vehicle registration. If you are found to be uninsured you can receive a traffic ticket. They may also suspend the license plate and a fine of $500 for driving without insurance. You can reinstall the license plates after paying $100 fine and show the proof of insurance, but for the second offense you are eligible to reinstall your license plates only after four months. When your license plates are suspended, you can still operate other cars if they are insured.

In the state of Illinois the minimum insurance requirement is 20/40/15.The first and second number is about the bodily injuries liability limits and the last number is the liability limit of liability on property damage. In 20/40/15 the first two numbers mean if a person is injured in any accident he can receive a maximum up to 25,000 dollars with 50,000 dollars allowed for an accident. The number at the end is the entire coverage for the property damage by the accident.

Many experts recommend much more coverage than specified above and many types of coverage are available that will help protect your vehicle. Without this protection, accidents followed by the lawsuits can be very destructive financially. But the cost of this particular protection will be a problem for teenage and young drivers. The easy way is to compare and shop.

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Auto Insurance in Illinois FAQs for First Time Insurers

Do newly licensed teenagers require auto insurance in Illinois?

All drivers have to be insured. You must have your own policy or you must be named on the policy of someone in your family.

Does everyone need to have their auto insurance?

Proof of financial responsibility or auto liability insurance is required in all the 50 states. Each state sets limits for how much insurance is required.

What are the factors that affect the cancellation of policies?

Insurance companies calculate the risks associated with each of the policyholder to determine if you are at  “good risk” or should you policy be cancelled. Among other factors, insurance companies will review your credit history, claims, and your driving. If your credit history is good with no bankruptcy’s and you have a clean driving record and if you have frequently not filed claims your policy will not be cancelled.

At what condition is the auto insurance rates will decrease?

Teenagers and young drivers usually pay more for car insurance. There is no reduction according to age, it mainly depends on the driving record, if you have a good driving history from day one, you can request a reduction in rates any time. If advanced driving classes had been taken or if the vehicle is fitted with some specific features, the driver can request a rebate.

Can insurance be paid monthly?

The auto insurance can be paid monthly which enables people at a financial disadvantage to pay on a monthly basis.

What are the factors that affect the premium?

Age, gender, marital status, coverage limits, driving records, household driving information, location, type of the vehicle, use of the vehicle, how far you drive to work and the milage, and on credit history.

How to lower the credit costs?

Ask about discounts, take the highest deductible that you can afford, consolidate your insurance needs, maintain a good driving record, choose your vehicle carefully and keep a very good credit history.

If I have an accident will my premiums go up?

It depends on the type of accident. In many cases it will increase.

What is a deductible?

The amount that you pay towards a claim before your insurance pays is called deductible. If you have$800 claim and your policy has $200 deductible then you will pay 200 and your insurance will pay $600.

What is the basic auto insurance coverage?

The basic types are: bodily injury liability, property damage liability, medical payments, physical damage collision and comprehensive.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Customes Who Will Be Availing Illinois Auto Insurance

The topic if Illinois auto insurance will generate many questions relating to the claims, coverage and very importantly how can the money be saved. Here is a simple and quick look at some of the most common questions asked by people.

•What is the need for auto insurance?

If you have a car, having insurance is a good idea and in some states it is required by the law. In Illinois State the drivers operating motor vehicles must have minimum auto insurance. If you do not have the auto insurance, you can be fined or summoned to court.

• How does a comparative law work?

Usually in many accidents both the drivers may be at fault. Comparative laws  makes damages to be split up into percentage  liability so that a driver at 30% fault will be paying the 30% of the another person’s or driver’s damage. This amount will usually be determined by an attorney or by the insurance companies and by a jury in a court case. Illinois has modified comparative negligence. Under this a driver may recover damages only if he is less than 50% at fault.

•What are the factors that affect insurance premiums?

The factors include age, the type of motor vehicle, your location and your driving record.

•Will accidents increase premiums?

Premiums are generally based on many factors including accident history. A couple of accidents will not affect but a very long history of accidents along with repeated violations will certainly cost you a lot of money.

•Am I being charged with the right amount of premium?

There are no charts to tell the exact amount of the premium. The best way for knowing whether you are paying the right premium is by comparing and then shopping for it.

•What does no-fault insurance mean?

With this insurance, the insurance company will pay the benefits to all regardless of the person who caused the accident. You do not have to get the payments for medical bills and PIP.

•What type of auto insurance is required for a leased or rental car?

Under the compulsory car insurance law even if you lease a vehicle any liability or medical payments insurance is required and also comprehensive and collision coverage must be obtained from the leasing company.

•Instead of OEM parts (Original equipment manufacturers) can an insurance company fix the car with generic parts?

Many insurance companies will reimburse the cost for generic parts, you have to pay the rest of the amount. There are certain insurance policies who specify that the cost of OEM parts will be paid by them, but these policies are usually expensive.

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Possible Effects of a DUI in Your Auto Insurance in Illinois

With DUI, you can still find auto insurance and take the necessary measurements to get the DUI off of your record. On your driving record, the duration of the DUI violation stays for some depending on the state where you live. It can be from a couple of years to a lifetime. Example, in New Hampshire, the DWI offense will be on your record for up to 10 years whereas in California it is for 7 years. The increase in your Illinois auto insurance premium will be started at the time your next renewal when the insurance company will be checking your driving record before renewing your insurance.

The duration in which you will have an increase in your car insurance premium in Illinois will also depend on your state laws or the guidelines followed by your insurance company. It may be from three to seven years or till the violation is listed on your driving record. Once the violation is removed the rates will automatically come down. The rates can differ for each state and may also depend on insurance companies. When you are convicted of DUI you will be added to high risk driver category.

Based on the insurance company rating policies the premiums may be increased by 20% to 50%. But there is still hope while the majority of the insurance companies increase the rates after a DUI offense there are some insurance companies which will still provide full coverage. You need to find the right insurance that specifically deals with DUI violations and will offer decent rates even with violations on your driving record. SR-22 auto insurance in Illinois is required for a drunk driving and alcohol related conviction for 3 years and can sometimes be very expensive with a wrong provider. SR22 insurance will not be filled by some companies. Once you find an auto insurance that covers DUI conviction, just be sure not to charged for another DUI conviction as such insurance companies will drop you for multiple offenses.

The minimum liability insurance requirement that is mandatory in Illinois State for private vehicles is 20/40/15 which means 20,000 dollars for bodily injuries to a person, 40,000 dollars for 2 or more persons in a single accident and 15,000 dollars for property damage coverage. The BIL that is the bodily injury liability coverage will be paying for serious injuries or death to other people caused by the insured during the crash. Illinois car insurance company will pay as per the limits on the insurance policy. The property damage liability coverage paying for the other people’s property damaged caused due to the crash by the insured person or by his family member.

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