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Frequently Asked Questions For Customes Who Will Be Availing Illinois Auto Insurance

The topic if Illinois auto insurance will generate many questions relating to the claims, coverage and very importantly how can the money be saved. Here is a simple and quick look at some of the most common questions asked by people.

•What is the need for auto insurance?

If you have a car, having insurance is a good idea and in some states it is required by the law. In Illinois State the drivers operating motor vehicles must have minimum auto insurance. If you do not have the auto insurance, you can be fined or summoned to court.

• How does a comparative law work?

Usually in many accidents both the drivers may be at fault. Comparative laws  makes damages to be split up into percentage  liability so that a driver at 30% fault will be paying the 30% of the another person’s or driver’s damage. This amount will usually be determined by an attorney or by the insurance companies and by a jury in a court case. Illinois has modified comparative negligence. Under this a driver may recover damages only if he is less than 50% at fault.

•What are the factors that affect insurance premiums?

The factors include age, the type of motor vehicle, your location and your driving record.

•Will accidents increase premiums?

Premiums are generally based on many factors including accident history. A couple of accidents will not affect but a very long history of accidents along with repeated violations will certainly cost you a lot of money.

•Am I being charged with the right amount of premium?

There are no charts to tell the exact amount of the premium. The best way for knowing whether you are paying the right premium is by comparing and then shopping for it.

•What does no-fault insurance mean?

With this insurance, the insurance company will pay the benefits to all regardless of the person who caused the accident. You do not have to get the payments for medical bills and PIP.

•What type of auto insurance is required for a leased or rental car?

Under the compulsory car insurance law even if you lease a vehicle any liability or medical payments insurance is required and also comprehensive and collision coverage must be obtained from the leasing company.

•Instead of OEM parts (Original equipment manufacturers) can an insurance company fix the car with generic parts?

Many insurance companies will reimburse the cost for generic parts, you have to pay the rest of the amount. There are certain insurance policies who specify that the cost of OEM parts will be paid by them, but these policies are usually expensive.

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