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Qualifying for Cheap Car Insurance Through Adhering to DWI And DUI Laws In Illinois

Despite everyone’s best efforts, sometimes you make choices that can have a negative consequence on your life.   You may find yourself asking: Can I still qualify for Illinois cheap car insurance? In a perfect world, everyone would take a taxi cab when they found themselves to weaken to operate their own vehicle safely but sometimes, good people make mistakes.  In these situations, you may find yourself charged of DUI laws in your state.  You should do your best to educate yourself in advance as to what the specific laws are so you can hopefully avoid these sorts of situations.  Thankfully, this information is readily available, so let’s take a look.

DUI laws in Illinois are inclusive.  That is to say that the laws on the books cover all the different sorts of offenses one can commit from drunk driving to being under the influence of drugs.  Let’s go over exactly what all this means now.  Typically, most people find themselves dealing with an officer when they had been drinking.  Alcoholic violations of this law are significantly more common than drug violations due to simple usage statistics.  The limit in Illinois is a BAC of 0.08 percent. Meaning, if an officer tests you and finds your blood alcohol to exceed that limit, you will trigger the onset of an automatic process called the statutory summary suspension.  What this entails is that after a 46 day period intended to give you time to finish your business, you immediately lose your license for 180 days pending the outcome of your court case.

The alternative to engaging in this process is to decline to accept the test entirely. However, this carries problems of its own.  The state has been steadily increasing the penalties for refusing testing and in fact, they are now more severe than convictions for the offenses themselves.  According to the department of motor vehicles, the minimum cost of the first DUI conviction can exceed $14,000.  With penalties like these, it is easy to see that the system mean serious business.  Since records of violations of these criminal offenses are tracked and reported to relevant authorities, information can follow the person around which can make it more difficult for them to purchase the kind of coverage that they want when it comes to cheap Illinois auto insurance.  Sometimes, they will be asked to pay exorbitant fees or weigh more proportionally than a normal person might be expected to pay.

This can be one of the most devastating consequences of all is a person should find themselves convicted of DUI.  Even after the court case has been resolved and any fines or penalties have been paid, and a person’s driving license been reinstated, to them and they may still find themselves paying these financial penalties further on into the future.  If this has happened to you, the important thing to do is to find a provider of insurance who sells Illinois cheap car insurance.  Be honest with them when you explain the situation and you’ll find someone willing to work with you.