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Illinois Car Insurance That You Could Give for Teen Drivers

Finding for auto insurance Illinois is not going to be easy. There are several reasons behind this but knowing the whys will help you understand the bottom line and prepare you for any adjustments to your budget.

The young drivers are all between the ages of 15 and 24 with those between the age of 16 and 19 representing the highest risk, four times more likely to crash than that of any other group.

Why is it that teenage drivers are at risks? Well, let´s take some things into account, primarily age. The crash risk is obviously higher during the first year a teenager is eligible to obtain a license and that risk increases with male drivers. Peer pressure can be a factor too. It has been found that teens driving with other teen passengers are at a higher crash risk than any other group of drivers, this is due to the fact that teens are already more likely to underestimate distances, risk factors and road hazards and are less likely to quickly perceive dangerous situations.

Teens are most likely to forget to use seatbelts and it has been reported that 10% of high school students never use a seatbelt when riding with someone else, teenage males were found to be less likely to use seatbelts than female students. When it comes to drinking and driving, teenage drivers have been found to be at a higher risk than other drivers, three out of ten teens have reported that they were in a vehicle with another teen that had been drinking, within the previous month.

A report from 2008 stated that nearly three out of four teenagers were killed in an alcohol related crash, 50% of teenage deaths were a result of drinking and driving with those accidents happening between the hours of three and midnight. About 56% of those accidents occurred on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

So, what are some of the things you can do to better prepare your teenager for the dangers and responsibilities of driving? For one thing, you can learn the GDL laws of your state and enroll your teenager in one of the offered courses. A GDL or Graduated Drivers Licensing course could help your teen become a more adept and safe driver, the reduction rate of fatal crashes among GDL students the age of 16, is about 40%.

With this in mind, you can scout a suitable insurance company. Students with good grades are awarded with lower premiums. Teenage drivers that complete a GDL course may also be eligible for a reduced rate. If your teen´s vehicle has high safety ratings that could relate to a better rate as well. If you are capable of receiving a discount for having multiple vehicles listed on a plan, it may not be a poor decision to add their vehicle to your policy either.

So just discuss the importance of driving safety with your teen and educate them of the privilege they have gained by obtaining a license to drive. It may be scary to know all the facts but knowing is half the battle.

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