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Illinois Car insurance Laws to Adhere When Getting You Plan

Illinois has some very strict laws regarding car insurance and is applicable to all the vehicles with an Illinois license plate and their respective drivers. According to Illinois car insurance law, you must have insurance prior to your first drive. The insurance company issues an insurance card under your name after you pay for the policy. The law requires the driver to keep this card in the car all the time. Arresting of a driver without car insurance may lead to a huge fine along with the suspension of the vehicle’s registration plate or the driver’s license. Likewise, driving vehicle of another person without insurance may lead to penalty.

Illinois law states the following auto insurance coverage that must be included in the car insurance policy.

1.            Liability coverage: its pays for the physical damage of another person or property caused because of the irresponsible driving of the driver. It may also cover the accidents caused by any other family member or friend while driving the car with your permission. In case you require legal services regarding the accident, this coverage plan may pay for that as well. Liability coverage is usually divided into 2 parts:

a)            Bodily Injury (BI): It covers the medical bills due to the injury or death of pedestrian(s) or person(s) in another car. If your passenger is not a family member, passenger’s injury cost may also be covered under this. BI should be within the range of $20,000 per person per accident to $40,000 total per accident, according to Illinois law.

b)            Property Damage (PD): Damage of another person’s property like car, fences, building, etc. is paid off under this coverage plan.  As per Illinois law, lower limit for PD should be $15,000 per accident and never below that.

It is advisable for the drivers to take policy covering higher limits because in today’s world, medical bills or property damage expenses may easily overshoot State’s lower limits and according to the Illinois law, the driver can be sued in the court for the money not paid off by the driver’s insurance policy.

2.            Uninsured Motorist Coverage (UM): It pays the medical bills for your physical injury in case the accident was the fault of driver in another car with no auto liability coverage. As per present Illinois law UM amount should be within $20,000 per person per accident to $40,000 total per accident. There is no need of buying this coverage separately as it comes along with the liability insurance policy.

3.            Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury Insurance (UIM): Illinois law states the requirement of this coverage only when you opt for a policy with higher limits of UM, otherwise this coverage is not mandatory.

There are strict rules of fines that may be issued to the person not following the Illinois car insurance laws. This fined amount may vary from $500 to $1000. Higher degree of violation of the State law may lead to the suspension of vehicle registration or owner’s driver license.