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FAQs That Will Guide You In Picking The Best Auto Insurance in Illinois

Here are some of the common questions that come in your mind when choosing Illinois auto insurance.

If another person operates my car will he or she be covered?

AutoInsuranceInIllinoisGenerally if the person has the permission from the person insured they can drive the vehicle but there are few exceptions so you have to look into your insurance policy for making it sure. To drive your car, each and every person in your family or household having a driving license must be listed in your policy.

What will be the liability limits?

In Illinois the liability limit is 20, 40, and 15. But this generally is not enough. For an average driver, the liability limits must be 100, 300, and 100 which is 100,000 for bodily injuries for a single person, 300,000 for bodily injuries of an accident and 100,000 for damage of property in a single accident. The medical treatments will be same but you need to consider the limit at the last if you do not consider yourself as an average driver. The property damage will be for the other person’s car and other property that is damaged by the accident.

What is comprehensive and collision coverage?

When there is a collision with another car you need collision coverage. Anything other than collision like theft or fire will need comprehensive coverage. When using a car regularly, you require both comprehensive and collision coverage.

How will my driving affect the premium?

The amount of money that you need to pay directly depends on your driving history for the last two to five years based on your insurance company. These companies order the driving history from DMV  of state where you are a resident and from states if you were licensed before. Depending the number of accidents and tickets issued the premium will be set.

If drivers in the family have bad driving records why will it be hard to get insurance?

If you are living with a family member who is having poor in driving with bad records many insurance companies will not provide insurance for you. If your family has a teenager with a poor driving history, you will be having problems finding the preferred rates as that person is insured in your policy. Few companies may exclude the name of that person from the list in the auto insurance policy. But the majority of companies will not provide insurance to the entire family unless all the members meet the company polices requirements.

After a car accident will I have insurance coverage for a rental car?

When you have a car accident having an extra car available for driving while your car is being fixed can be very devastating because it is required that you have a car insurance policy which will also provide rental car coverage.

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