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Effective Ways of Obtaining Cheap Car Insurance for Low Income Earners of Illinois

A person who’s income is below the average income of that area is considered a low income earner. Most of the time there are circumstances rather than the person’s lack of effort that make him low income earner. In this time of high rising prices, it becomes very difficult for a low income earner to fulfill his and his family’s basic needs. Under such condition, getting car insurance may be a costly affair.

LowCostAutoInsuranceInIllinoisBut at the same time, driving an uninsured car is a legal offence according to Illinois car insurance law and is liable to strict punishment. Some government and NGO assistance is available to low income earners of Illinois in case of health or medical insurance. Special Automobile Insurance Plan (SAIP) is available in the State of New Jersey that offers affordable car insurance to low income earners.

This initiative was taken in order to provide protection to the motorists irrespective of their socio-economic status and also to lessen the number of uninsured vehicles in NJ. But unfortunately, there is no such government programs offering cheap car insurance in IL. By practicing the following tips, however, one can bring down the car insurance rate to his affordable range.

1. Take some time and search multiple companies for low income car insurance. The method of risk and premium calculation of every company is different. So, compare and contrast the quotes from various companies carefully before taking any decision.

2. Taking in consideration the Illinois car insurance law and personal financial status assess the low income car insurance to decide the coverage that you actually require. For example, collision coverage is the most expensive. So, you may omit that in case your car is comparatively cheaper. You may even narrow down your liability if you are an owner of few assets as your chance of getting sued in the court, even if you are at- fault of an accident, decreases significantly.

3. Paying the car insurance premium half yearly is a better option than monthly payment. Insurance companies charge more with monthly payment. You can save a convincing amount if you opt for half-yearly payment of car insurance.

4. Maintaining a fair credit history may help you in bringing down the insurance amount. Fair Credit Reporting Act, a federal law, gives the authority to insurance companies to check the credit history of applicant before approving his insurance application. Having a fair credit score, irrespective of your income level, contributes substantially in your placement among low risk drivers by the insurance company and thus reducing your insurance amount.

5. Some insurance companies of Illinois offer special discounts to low income earners. You may ask for these discounts to the insurance agent or company directly, by showing the required proof.

Other than the above five tips, general tips like maintaining a clean driving record, paying the insurance amount on time, not violating the traffic rules, driving lesser miles, etc, also help in cutting down the premium amount.