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Advice for Married Couples Who Are About to Merge Their Auto Insurance in Illinois

The state´s mandatory law for Illinois car insurance is one of the most significant consumer protection measures in place today. The state law stipulates that all drivers are to carry the minimum liability insurance, which provides $20,000 protection against the injury or death of one person involved in an automobile accident, $40,000 protection against the injury or death of multiple people in a crash and $15,000 protection against property damage resulting from an incident. The state also requires you to carry your insurance card in your vehicle at all times and that you present it to any law enforcement agent upon request.

The cost of insurance will vary greatly, depending on certain factors. Here is a breakdown of what could affect your premiums.

• Your coverage limits, meaning that if you have a higher coverage than the state required minimum, your premium will increase.

• Your driving history. If you have a good record, your rates could be quite low, however if you have a history as an unsafe driver, your premiums will increase.

• Location, location, location. Where you live can determine your insurance rates because of risk factors. Living in a highly populated area like a city will increase your rates only because of the fact that you are now more apt to have your vehicle vandalized, accidents are more likely to occur due to the high number of drivers on the road on a daily basis and increased traffic. Living in rural areas could greatly reduce your cost.

• The type of vehicle you drive or its use. If you drive a long distance in your vehicle to get to work or have a vehicle that is more likely to be stolen, you may have to pay a higher premium

• Credit scores. Having a good credit score can help you keep your insurance premiums much lower.

Household driving information. The driving records of other people in your house can determine what you pay on a monthly basis. Their ages may do so too. Some companies will deny you coverage if you do not disclose all the ages and driving information for the people in your house, so it is wise to be perfectly honest with them.

• Age, gender and marital status. Yes, these all affect the bottom line when it comes to your coverage. Unmarried men under the age of 25 normally pay the highest premiums

But did you know you may be able to save some money by doing one thing? Joining policies with your spouse, whether you are in a civil union or married can help you decrease cost. All auto insurance agencies in the state of Illinois provide protection under the ¨spouse¨ portion of their insurance forms. Some companies will provide you a lower rate just because you are married because married couples are considered more responsible and reliable.

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